Means of Design

Combining decades of experience accumulated in the machining and manufacture of mechanical components and channelling this via state-of-the-art technologies, computing equipment and specific design software both in 2D, as well as in 3D, we develop integral projects: initial data collection, design, programming, manufacture of own tooling, manufacture of parts and assembly of units.

The combination of close collaboration with the client and the experience accumulated by our staff in the fields of design and manufacture enables us to offer the client those proposals which best adapt to their needs, without neglecting manufacturing savings and the quality required, allowing us to optimise costs at each of the project stages, from design to manufacture.


SolidWorks  Premium  (CAD/CAM 3D)

SolidWorks  Premium

Autodesk AutoCad   (CAD 2D Y 3D)

Autodesk AutoCad   (CAD 2D & 3D)

Specific software for the calculation of mechanical elements (gears, bearings etc.)



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